Eco-friendly building materials are the best way to build your home or business in a day and age when our environment is in need. Whether you are looking to build new or rebuild an older property (business or home) this directory will show you where to buy the best eco-friendly building materials from the best companies online today. Our reviews below will show you who sells what and if any deals apply. Get in on the “go green” movement today (tax breaks and deductions may apply too). Save the planet, save yourself and your wallet!



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Eco friendly building materials will undoubtedly become the only way to build in the future. Knowing that the environment is under serious scrutiny, we all need to do our part to help save the environment and seek out alternative building supplies and materials. In fact, potential home buyers and business owners are looking to see what eco-friendly building materials are used in construction before they buy. There are many tax deductions and tax relief programs in place for this who build and redecorate with eco-friendly building supplies.

Unfortunately there are many myths regarding eco-friendly building supplies.

Some builders and homebuyers may have a skewed view. Take a look at the most commonly misunderstanding about eco-friendly building materials today:

Building eco-friendly is more expensive. Not true. Growing demand has changed all that. Be sure to consider tax breaks and incentives given to those using eco-friendly materials and additions to their homes.

Green Products don't really help the environment. Not true. Non-toxic materials such as binders, stains, fillers and more make a difference. These definitely eliminate/reduce CO2 levels.

Eco-friendly building is still new and not as efficient as traditional building. Just because it is traditional does not mean it is the best! New developments in eco-friendly building materials only show more efficiency. Why would nay builder want to create more work for themselves? The fact of the matter is that eco-friendly building materials are the absolute best way to build our environment’s future and build quality, sturdy homes and businesses that will last for a lot longer than other traditional materials all while reducing over forestation, and using non-toxic materials.